[Mono-list] Re: ASP

Adam Treat manyoso@yahoo.com
Sun, 10 Feb 2002 11:51:35 -0800

> Please try to keep the interfaces compatible with XSP, which is going to be
> in Apache 2. XSP is becoming a W3 standard, and it seems to have every
> capability that ASP.NET does, including multilingual support.
> ASP.NET looks simple on the surface. It doesn't look like you need to do
> much more than GSP did (http://gsp.sourceforge.net) to support multiple
> languages. However, when you start looking at all the caching and other
> options on the many of the directives (e.g. page), things look more
> complicated. Basing Mono's ASP.NET support on Microsoft's ASP.NET libraries
> for IIS compatibility, and Mono's ASP.NET support on XSP for Apache
> compatibility really simplifies things.

I would definitely second this suggestion.  However, I do not see 
the need for support of IIS compatibility.  Why would anyone be interested in 
running Mono's ASP.NET with IIS over Microsoft's.  Let's work on supporting 
Apache and XSP.