[Mono-list] ASP

Patrik Torstensson totte@labs2.com
Sun, 10 Feb 2002 11:37:48 +0100

The Channel APIs is used for remoting and it's correct you can use them for SOAP handling and remoting but you can't really use them to embed a web server.
I think developers will use the channel APIs for remoting and SOAP of .Net objects but it will always be a need for embeding a webserver. We also need a webserver for our testing of the ASP.Net support objects and the webcontrols.
- Patrik

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	> Remoting allows you to create a listener, in much the same way as you
	> describe below.
	I took a look at these classes, and the documentation does like to talk
	a lot about SOAP (both here as in the HttpServerChannel).
	It *does* look like what we want, certainly.  Now I need to read some
	more, because I have yet to figure out what the type that is passed as
	the first argument is in WellKnowServiceEntry constructor is.
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