[Mono-list] 4 mono questions (very basic)

george moudry gmoudry@mediaone.net
Sun, 10 Feb 2002 09:53:24 -0800

hello list ... thanks for helping me with my questions:

1) is there a mono newsgroup?

2) on linux, can I run mint inside a debugger? I wanted to step through a 
mint session to see how it works, but kdbg told me this:
  (process:13680): ** WARNING **: cant resolve internal call to
  Unhandled exception ...ArgumentOutOfRangeExc... Argument is out of range.
  #0: 0x00034 in System.Collections.Hashtable::.ctor ([0] [nan][(nil)..
  #1: 0x00005 in System.Collections.Hashtable::.ctor ([0] [nan] )
  #2: 0x00007 in System.Collections.Hashtable::.ctor ()
  #3: 0x00000 in System.Threading.Thread::.cctor ()
I should mention that the mint session runs okay as a standalone.

3) Could you describe how to run gtk-sharp/sample/ButtonApp.cs (on linux)?
After downloading mono, do I first have to use a windows machine to create a 
compiler from mcs/mcs/driver.cs? And do I run the compiler via "mint"?

4) Is there any support for System.Windows.Forms, or do I have to use 
Gtk.Window instead?

George Moudry
Los Angeles