[Mono-list] ASP

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
08 Feb 2002 16:35:37 -0500

>     This will be really superb if we can have this. This will give a big boost
> to the project.
>     But even without that, we may have a small web-server in place. This may
> serve as preamble to the runtime for apache / mono_mod.

I agree that long term we should look into mono_mod for Apache, to ease
the deployment, but a lot of the work we do on our own
web-server-in-a-class can just be plugged on such a module.

The rationale for web-server-in-a-class that we were discussing, is that
I would for instance be able to have an application like Gnumeric
"expose" its SOAP end-point *in the desktop*.  That way local
applications could talk and manipulate the application locally.