[Mono-list] contributing to mono

Paul Mineiro pmineiro@mineiro.com
Thu, 7 Feb 2002 09:01:54 -0800 (PST)

hi.  i'm now convinced that the best strategy wrt .NET is to deploy an
open-source/posix environment based solution while we still have market
share in the server room.

i'd like to know how to contribute.  i think i can sustain 10 hours a week.

my languages skills are:

C -- excellent (10+ years, mostly what i do at work)
perl -- excellent (5+ years)
haskell  -- have only done personal projects but i love it
lisp -- ditto haskell, although a little less
java -- i've been forced to use it a few times at previous jobs

downsides are, i've never written a compiler, haven't done assembly
since 1990, and have stayed away from kernel space.  

nowadays i mostly write middleware servers in C that sit in front of
the database and perform AI and statistics manipulations and enforce
invariants for web front-ends.  to get an idea of a project that
i've contributed to and the design methodology that i'm used to,
c.f. http://gsk.sourceforge.net

let me know what to do,

-- p

"The content industry controls everything, but ha!, we, the great hackers
& crackers, will break everything they come up with, and then we will
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