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Piers Haken piersh@friskit.com
Wed, 6 Feb 2002 16:45:18 -0800

I have been investigating the soap remoting model in .NET for a p2p
project that I'm working on.

There seems to be two distinct methods for doing this in Microsoft's
implementation, one is via IIS and the other is via the remoting

Remoting allows you to create a listener, in much the same way as you
describe below. 

ChannelServices.RegisterChannel(new HttpChannel());
WellKnownServiceTypeEntry WKSTE = new
RemotingConfiguration.ApplicationName = "HttpService";

e/html/cpconprogrammaticconfiguration.asp> )

You can also register a service automatically via the myApp.exe.config
configuration file:

This doesn't require the presence of a web server - the HttpChannel is
implemented entirely within the framework. The format of the call is
configurable via pluggable Formatters (IRemotingFormatter, of which
SoapFormatter is one).

IIS doesn't use this mechanism for handling SOAP calls ([WebMethod()]s),
although I believe you can register remotable objects in a web
application using the Web.config file. IIS uses the XmlSerializer

I agree that an ASP.NET workalike module for Apache would be great.


PS: is there any reason this list doesn't set the reply-to: field?

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: (Sorry if resent, pasted a bit hokey into yahoo)
: I was wondering if there's any intention to bring a
: ASP+ runtime to Mono running under/for apache. I'd be
: very interested in this, given the current
: alternatives.

    It's really interesting to see this. What a co-incidence that Miguel
and myself were just discussing to make a small webserver to serve as
test-bed for my WebControls area and also that we can come up with a
mono-module for apache sometime later (soon).

    I am not sure whether you mean to interfere with the Runtime
libraries or to come up with some server. If your intentions are to
design a webserver, this would of utmost importance to us, at least me.

    May be the following snip from our discussion provide you a bias.

The reason that I am interested in having a standalone server, is that I
would personally like to be able to have an application just be able to

WebServer.Listen ("/myprefix", 80, new MyHttpHanlder ());

Imagine that an application could just be able to "register" an
end-point that you can communicate with.  A spreadsheet could do:

Url url = SoapServer.Listen (GetUniqueListener (), new

Console.WriteLine ("App listening on: " + url.ToString ());

Gaurav Vaish

: Thanks!
: -
: Greg

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