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Gaurav Vaish gvaish@iitk.ac.in
Wed, 6 Feb 2002 17:04:36 +0530

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: (Sorry if resent, pasted a bit hokey into yahoo)
: I was wondering if there's any intention to bring a
: ASP+ runtime to Mono running under/for apache. I'd be
: very interested in this, given the current
: alternatives.

    It's really interesting to see this. What a co-incidence that Miguel and
myself were just discussing to make a small webserver to serve as test-bed for
my WebControls area and also that we can come up with a mono-module for apache
sometime later (soon).

    I am not sure whether you mean to interfere with the Runtime libraries or to
come up with some server. If your intentions are to design a webserver, this
would of utmost importance to us, at least me. ;-)

    May be the following snip from our discussion provide you a bias.

The reason that I am interested in having a standalone server, is that I would
personally like to be able to have an application just be able to do:

WebServer.Listen ("/myprefix", 80, new MyHttpHanlder ());

Imagine that an application could just be able to "register" an end-point that
you can communicate with.  A spreadsheet could do:

Url url = SoapServer.Listen (GetUniqueListener (), new MyHttpHandlder());

Console.WriteLine ("App listening on: " + url.ToString ());

Gaurav Vaish

: Thanks!
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: Greg