[Mono-list] Enormous diffs

mkestner@speakeasy.net mkestner@speakeasy.net
Tue, 5 Feb 2002 08:33:47 -0800

On 05 Feb 2002, Paolo Molaro wrote:

> Is this a generated file? If it is it should
> not go into cvs. Or the generator can insert
> newlines at the end of the tags so that a
> one-line change will result in just a couple
> lines of diff (and this looks like a good idea
> even if the file is not generated).

The file is generated from glib/pango/atk/gtk+ source which is not included in the Gtk# package.  I don't want people to have to deal with source packages in order to build Gtk#, so I need to include this generated file. A "make dist" solution may be in order at some point in the future, but not yet. 

I use a provided "print" method in the perl LibXML bindings to generate the xml file.  I don't want to get into manual traversal just to produce output with newlines and indentation. I also don't want whitespace nodes in the parsed XML tree that the codegenerator has to traverse.  Viewing the file with a decent XML viewer like IE makes the whitespace unnecessary.

Anyway, this really is supposed to be an opaque file to the package, so making it binary in cvs seems like the right solution for now.  I'll do that tonight.