[Mono-list] mcs needs mscorlib!! - Why?

bvv bvv" <bvvarma1@rediffmail.com
30 Dec 2002 15:52:53 -0000

Thanks for the clarification Miguel.
One more question on the same lines, i found that the IL for a 
Helloworld compiled using mcs has "mscorlib" references in it.
Is the mscorlib.dll in the IL present so that a .Net PE file 
compiled using mcs can also run on a MS CLR?


On Sun, 29 Dec 2002 Miguel de Icaza wrote :
> > I tried compiling a C# program using mcs after renaming the 
> > framework supplied mscorlib.dll that's on my machine.
> >
> > mcs could not complete compilation and terminated!
> > Why does mcs need mscorlib.dll? Isn't it supposed to use 
> > corlib.dll?
>Actually, MCS is a CLI application, and can be run by any 
>of the CLI.
>When you run mcs.exe from the command line, the operating system 
>been configured to use the Microsoft .NET runtime and class 
>so that is what is chosen.
>If you type `mono mcs.exe', then the Mono runtime and class 
>will be used.