[Mono-list] SQL# connection string

Daniel Morgan danmorg@sc.rr.com
Mon, 30 Dec 2002 06:07:51 -0500

From SQL#'s manpage via man sqlsharp (mono cvs) or man sqlsharpcli (mono
release 0.17)

Connection String examples:

Microsoft SQL Server via System.Data.SqlClient
or Mono.Data.TdsClient provider:

	Server=DANPC;Database=pubs;User ID=saPassword=

PostgreSQL via Mono.Data.PostgreSqlClient provider:



	Server=localhost;Database=test;User ID=postgres;Password=fun2db

MySQL via Mono.Data.MySql provider:

	Server=localhost;Database=test;User ID=mysql;Password=

ODBC via System.Data.Odbc provider using
a DSN named "MSSQLDSN"	I set up
in the Windows control panel's ODBC Data Sources
which connects to Microsoft SQL Server 2000:


SQL Lite via Mono.Data.SqliteClient
provider which connects to the
database file SqliteTest.db; if not found,
the file is created:


OLE DB via System.Data.OleDb provider
which connects to a PostgreSQL database:


Oracle is not mentioned in the man page since it does not work in SQL# yet
since it only has simple DML capabilities right now. Here it is anyways. The
Data Source is the Oracle TNS Name.

	Data Source=dansdb;User ID=scott;Password=tiger

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Hi !
I want to test the SQL# tool (gtk# version).
What's the format of the connectionstring ?
Is it ADO like or something special ?


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