[Mono-list] MonoBasic again

Marco Ridoni marco.ridoni@virgilio.it
Sun, 29 Dec 2002 00:14:19 +0100

I committed a few patches for MonoBasic. Properties now support parameters,
both in definition and invocation. Parameter types in properties are checked
and an error is flagged if parameter/argument types do not correspond.

This took some time because I had to rewrite some portions of the code taken
from mcs, which doesn't support properties with parameters. BTW: VB (both
pre and post .NET) syntax is actually weird (isn't it funny how you can use
a language for years and never really notice it?) and, while C# syntax has
some clever "tricks" which make it easier to implement a language parser,
VB.NET seems to do the opposite. For instance, given the following

a = MyExample(1,2)

MyExample can be a property reference, a method call or an array reference,
and there's no way to tell which is which in the parser until you start

Merry (Late) Christmas & Happy New Year

Marco Ridoni