[Mono-list] Perf. & Mem.: ivm/icvm vs. Mono/.NET/Java/Kaffe... etc

Freddy BL freddy_bl@hotmail.com
Fri, 27 Dec 2002 13:55:05 +0000

Performace and Memory: IVM/ICVM versus Mono/.NET/Java/Kaffe/Kissme/SableVM.. 

Have a look at the virtual machine called "IVM":

The performance and the use of memory of programs for this VM, is nearly 
like Native-Code programs. And this _without_ JITter!

Do anybody know, how this is possible?

The first time, where I have seen ICVM (Internet C++ VM) is three years ago. 
At this time there existing Downloads for the VM, special GNU C and C++ 
Compiler called "igcc" and "ig++" with libs and some games, which used the 
XLib (that were existing programs which are nearly all only new compiled for 
this VM). And as highlight there existing a port of Doom1 for ICVM. And Doom 
runs on ICVM so fast and needs so less memory like the same program in 

The developer of ICVM told me, that this platformindependent programs run on 
x86, PPC and a lot of other hardware and on a lot of different 
Unix-OperatingSystems. And on Windows. But on Windows there existing at the 
moment no support for programs using the XLIb.

One or two years later they have published the VM on Sourceforge under the 
GPL. It includes some platformindependent programs based on OpenGL.
This programs runs realy on Windows _and_ Linux. But it wasn't so fantastic. 
Java-programs with GL4Java or Java3D runs with he same performance - I 
think. And until today there existing no XLib-based programs, which runs 
with ICVM on Windows.

And today the project is since over one year dead.
But I wonder until today, how it is possible, to have a VM, which runs 
without JITter - only with an interpreter (thats that, what the developer 
said to me, that its only interpreted) runs programs (nearly) so fast and 
(nearly) with so less memory like in native-code.

Do anybody know more about the concept of ICVM?

And is it possible to integrate some of the features of ICVM in Mono?

How fast a VM is, you can only feel, if the program on the VM is big and 
only a few native-code bindings have.
And I think, that Doom is a good program for testing it.


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