[Mono-list] Patches for TraceSwitch

JD Conley jconley@winfessor.com
Fri, 20 Dec 2002 21:52:27 -0800

Thanks.  That's great news.  I just signed up for the list on Thursday and have only looked at committed code.  So long as it works well (read: like the Microsoft Framework), I don't really care who's code it is.  :)  You can pretend I didn't send the patch in.

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	Guess you haven't been reading the list lately...  ;-)
	I re-wrote a good portion of the Switch handling and related code
	(including the all-important DiagnosticsConfigurationHandler, which
	actually reads the .config file).  This was committed to CVS and
	announced to Mono-List on Wednesday (see message titled "Got
	Switches?"), so it's a rather recent addition.
	Good news: it works (for my tests, anyway).
	Bad news: your diff doesn't have a chance of applying properly, as most
	of TraceSwitch has changed.  Such is life.
	I just committed unit tests for TraceSwitch, but there will be problems
	with actually *running* the unit tests until somebody can tell me how to
	deal with .config files from within NUnit.  See the (going nowhere)
	thread "Testing .config files".
	 - Jon
	On Fri, 2002-12-20 at 22:50, JD Conley wrote:
	> I was in the process of making our enhanced trace package function with Mono and I ran into TraceSwitch.  I don't think it was ever finished.  Included is a functioning TraceSwitch class which is used to determine if the trace level you're testing is greater/equal to the level of the Switch.  This is used to determine if our TraceQueue should send the trace items onto the listeners.  I didn't see any Unit Tests for TraceSwitch and it doesn't look like anybody really uses it.  But we do.  :)
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