[Mono-list] Testing .config files

Jonathan Pryor jonpryor@vt.edu
20 Dec 2002 15:36:54 -0500

While trying to write test cases for TraceSwitch's, I ran across an
issue I had asked about before (on December 12)...and received no
response.  Here's hoping that a second plea will help.

Does anybody have any ideas on how to test the behavior/handling of
application .config files?

At present, all of the Linux test cases go through
"/mcs/class/lib/NUnitConsole_mono.exe," which means that all test cases
would have to share the same .config file.  This might not be a problem.

What is a problem is that if I provide a
"/mcs/class/lib/NUnitConsole_mono.exe.config" file, it doesn't appear to
be used.  This might be because the command line is:

	MONO_PATH=../../../class/lib:. mono

and all the "../../../" stuff is confusing Mono or otherwise preventing
the appropriate .config file from being used.  Maybe.

Additionally, If I provide a ``--config <filename>'' parameter to mono,
the specified .config file isn't used.  I'm guessing that ``--config''
is for the <dllmap/> configuration files, not the application .config

So I have test cases to test the functionality of .config files, but
they always fail, which (somewhat) defeats the purpose of having a test
suite, even though the same test (well, similar tests) work for me when
the .config file and .exe are in the same directory.

Anybody have any ideas on how to best support the testing/handling of
.config files?

 - Jon