[Mono-list] mscoree.dll

Andrew Birkett andy@nobugs.org
20 Dec 2002 11:54:23 +0000

On Wed, 2002-12-18 at 20:21, Lynde Gilliam wrote:
> This site came up when I searched for "mscoree.dll".

mscoree.dll contains Microsoft's JIT engine for .net bytecode
(presumably "MicroSoft CORe Execution Engine").  If you build a .exe
using csc, it contains a dependency on mscoree.dll and the executable
code in your .exe contains a single jump instruction into that dll to
start the execution of IL code.  

You need this mscoree.dll to run .net programs, unless you have mono
installed in which case you could use 'mono' or 'mint' (the jit and
interpreter respectively) instead.  Notice that mono's jit isn't in a
dll, so we can't do the funky bootstrapping step to get from the .exe to
the jit.  Instead, you run .net programs by "mono foo.exe".  

[ Your question isn't very relevant to this list, since it's specific to
Microsoft's implementation of .NET.  But, since you found mono-list with
your search, no doubt others will too, so this answer can live in the
archives for future use .. ]


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