[Mono-list] RE: nunit2.0 problems

Nick Drochak ndrochak@gol.com
Thu, 19 Dec 2002 17:22:51 +0900

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| Subject: nunit2.0 problems
| hi nick,
| i have some problems to get nunit 2.0 to work on linux. i'm using mono
| (and mcs) 0.17. sorry, that i contact you directly, but i think such
| problems are not for the mono mailing list...

No problem, but actually other may wonder about this too, so I'm copying the

| i compiled the nunit 2.0 from the mcs archive successfully. then i
| created an  test.dll or an test.exe with test classes (using
| [TestFixture] and [Test] attributes). compilation was successfull.
| but i'm not able to get the console test runner to work with my
| assembly. when i start ...

Actually I didn't have a chance to try this myself yet. I know the compile
works, but that's it so far.

| mono nunit-console.exe /assembly:test.dll
| or
| mono nunit-console.exe /fixture:DummyTests /assembly:test.dll
| ... i always get error messages about missing or invalid parameters from
| the nunit-console.
| so can you tell me what my problem is ?

Try just 'mono nunit-console.exe test.dll

I'm not at my hacking computer right now, but I think this is the same thing
that baffled me at first.  It's just a documentation problem on the usage of

Nick D.