[Mono-list] 0.17 release on FreeBSD

Juli Mallett jmallett@FreeBSD.ORG
Wed, 18 Dec 2002 15:53:13 -0800

* De: julien maerten <julien@iside.net> [ Data: 2002-12-18 ]
	[ Subjecte: [Mono-list] 0.17 release on FreeBSD ]
> Hi folks,
>     Today, I gave my first try to mono, on a FreeBSD 4.6 system. I had
> some trouble compiling it ( without the garbage collector ), due to the
> fact that the SIGRTMIN doesn't exists on freebsd. I had to hack
> mono/metadata/threads.c on line 1102, and replace SIGRTMIN with SIGKILL,
> but I don't know if it will cause any problem. I also had to disable the
> SIGRTMIN catching code in mono/jit/jit.c to make it compile.
>     Furthermore, after compiling the Boehm garbage collector, mono
> doesn't compile, didn't the time to investiguate this issue.
>     Finally, the xsp ( 0.2 ) makefile doesn't seem to be freebsd's make
> compliant, as it uses an unknown -C option.
>     Hope this comments will help, sorry if these problems were already
> reported.

These are all fixed in CVS, and you should use GNU Make from ports, 'gmake',
to build Mono.
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