[Mono-list] Mono can't find unmanaged DLLs?

J. Perkins jason@379.com
18 Dec 2002 15:26:03 -0500

A bit more info: if I move the DLLs into the same directory as the
application, it finds them. It only seems to have trouble when the
(unmanaged) DLLs are located somewhere else on the path.


On Wed, 2002-12-18 at 14:39, J. Perkins wrote:
> I just gave the win install of Mono 0.17 a try (on Win2K). I have an
> assembly that calls into some unmanaged DLLs, which are located in a
> different directory on the system path. When I run my test app, I get
> the message:
> ** (demo.exe:944): WARNING **: Failed to load library libF4user.dll
> (F4user): The specified module could not be found.
> The same assembly runs fine under .NET. Is Mono really tacking "lib" on
> the front of the library names?