[Mono-list] C++ compatible CLR?

Tum tum@veridicus.com
Thu, 19 Dec 2002 05:12:06 +1300

> All nice and true when you control everything but when you want to
> reuses someone elses code, what do you do? Let's say I have a math
> library that I have been building for a couple of years. Now I find
> on the net that someone also has a math library and it has one
> functionality that I'd like to reuse. Of course that library expects
> own type of matrices and vectors.
> With multiple inheritance I can easily have a transparent bridge
> those two libraries. With single inheritance, I need a lot more work
> make it work.

Well, writing Adapter classes aren't that hard.  Also, it's highly
likely that the math library's matrix/vectors are either structs or
sealed classes anyway ;).