[Mono-list] class status up to date?

Jeroen Janssen japj@darius.demon.nl
Tue, 17 Dec 2002 20:09:20 +0100

Nick Drochak wrote:
> | 5) compile test with csc, referencing microsoft assemblies, 
> | running in 
> | microsoft .net
> | 
> | Now the NUnitGuidelines document states : "Test your test with the 
> | microsoft runtime". What does this mean?
> | 
> | I think this means scenario 5 should be possible (and should be easy 
> | doable using the existing makefiles/.build files).
> This is what we meant and what we do now to "test the test".

Ok, how do you build these tests? (generate the test dlls). Do you use 
the makefiles (make), or .build files(nant).

I'm currently only using Nant on W2K with MS .NET framework. So I need 
to know if I have a valid build environment when working on tests & 
executing the tests.

> | If you're running linux, scenario 1 is probably the most used 
> | one (and 
> | thus most tested).
> On linux, the one I usually test is with everything compiled with csc, but
> running on mono runtime.  Recently on linux I have also been testing
> everything compiled with mcs, and running on mono (of course).  Note there
> are quite a few more errors generated in the latter case.
> If you have more questions about writing the tests, please let me know.

I understand you're working on nunit2 'migration', is that correct?
This probably also means new tests need to be written using nunit2 
instead of nunit? (any interesting differences related to mono?)

Is there any relevant documentation that I can print? (So I can gather 
'reading material' for my holidays :)

So far on my list are:
* MS .NET framework documentation on System.Xml.Xsl
* libxsl documentation related to above functionality
* NUnit2 documentation
* NAnt documentation
Jeroen Janssen