[Mono-list] (Fwd) Re: Windows Binaries

Guenther Roith groith@tcrz.net
Tue, 17 Dec 2002 15:29:55 +0100

> So I basicly just need to set the PATH variable to point at the
executables in the mono
> directory structure? (I am used to use MinGW32 and I know the basics of
setting up the
> environment.)
> About the installer: Is it just a selfextracting zip-file? It doesn't look
like the
> selfextracting zip-files I know. It looks like some installer like
InstallShield or Microsoft
> Installer.
> So what do I do now? :-)

No, it's not InstallShield. I was searching for something free and clean,
and found free-extractor (freeextractor.sf.net).
After the wizard a samll C program sets up monobasepath.bat and copies
winwrapper to the windows directory.

So it's enough to set the PATH to the dir with binaries and the dir with
You still need to create a batch file to execute "mono mcs.exe".