[Mono-list] System.Runtime.Remoting

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
16 Dec 2002 15:25:44 -0500


> OK. Has somebody defined a strategy for this implementation? Jaime, maybe
> you have some ideas.
> I've some spare time now, and I could help on this.

Ok, I spoke to Jaime and he said that he is working in the utility
classes/functions for SoapServices and RemotingConfiguration.  That
leaves the doors open to a lot of interesting pieces of Remoting.

Completing/bug fixes:

	* There are many classes that contain [MonoTODO]s and 
	  throw a NotImplementedException in the various namespaces.

	* System.Runtime.Remoting.Channels is missing various of the
	  Sink classes.

	* No tests exist to test the functionality of the existing code

	* In the System.Runtime.Remoting assembly, we could use an
	  implementation of the S.R.R.Channels.Http classes (5 classes,
	  and they are fairly well self-contained).

	* The S.R.R.Channels.Tcp code has a bunch of NotImplemented

	* Many classes in S.R.R.Contexts in corlib are missing

For a list of pending code, you can check the status web pages:


(Sadly the remoting assembly is not on the web, but on the positive side
its missing a lot anyways ;-)

That should be a good starting point.