[Mono-list] System.Runtime.Remoting

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
16 Dec 2002 02:24:30 -0500


> I for one hope that the binary format in Mono will be the same as the one
> used in Microsoft .NET. I'd like to call my objects on a Linux machine from
> a Windows machine, and I'm not talking about SOAP.
> I'd like to help, but I'm not proficient enough as a C#, Linux or C
> developer. If I there was I way I could donate a $100 though...

What you are talking about is the BinaryFormatter.  Luckily, Microsoft
has released the source code for it as part of the Shared Source CLI. 
So it is possible for someone to study the code, document it, and have
another person implement it.