[Mono-list] GTK#

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
14 Dec 2002 16:59:08 -0500


> I've started learning C# in earnest now and need some
> feedback on the following:
> -is GTK# included in the Windows Mono distribution?

No, but Dan and Alp want to ship a Gtk# package for Windows (and I
believe they were going to talk to Johannes about getting the sources or
a pointer to the tools that he uses to create his Mono packages).

> -where can I get the equivalent of the JavaDocs for
> the .NET classes? I've seen something similar on MSDN
> before, but would like to know if there is some place
> I can download them.

You could download parts of the documentation that was done for Rotor,
the Microsoft implementation.  

Currently our documentation effort has incorporated the ECMA
documentation, but we have not finshed the Mono documentation editor
(monodoc) or the Mono documentation browser.

> -does anyone know what's the deal behind pkgconfig and
> other dependencies not compiling on OSX? IIRC the only
> dependency that compiles in my experience is the Boehm
> GC library.

Can you post more information so we can track this down?  pkgconfig is
probably one of the most portable things in the world, its has very few