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It won't work because int[] is an array of value types whereas
IComparable[] is an array of reference types.  If you used 'int[]'
instead of Integer[] in Java you'd get the same problem.

The solution would be to box the ints by putting them inside an
IComparable[] array instead of an int[] array.


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> Hi,
> I was making a little program that implements a few generic algorithms
> for arrays. I decided that the best option was to define the type of
> arguments of the methods to "IComparable []" (array of IComparable)
> when I call that method with one "int[]" the compiler tells me the
> following message:
> error CS0030: Cannot convert type 'int[]' to 'System.IComparable[]'
> I tried to do the same thing in Java (using Integer[] and
> and it worked.
> I think this feature must be in all object oriented languages. In the
> fact, Java, C++, Eiffel, etc... has the feature.
> Can anyone tell me how can I make the construction I want ? (int[]
> inside one IComparable[] to get one generic class).
> Regards,
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