[Mono-list] advice wanted, perl or mono?

Robert Friberg robert.friberg@ensofus.se
Fri, 13 Dec 2002 01:08:25 +0100

Hi All,

I'm working on a critical project but haven't made a final
decision on language/environment yet. The decision seems to
stand between

   * all perl
   * all mono (c#)
   * a mix of both

I could easily succeed with perl only but am seeking additional

   * cleaner OO
   * features of c#
   * Visual Studio .NET IDE
   * code generation with Visio

My main concerns are:

   * is the runtime stable enough to run a mission critical app 24/7?
   * are the necessary features implemented and stable?
   * can I develop on my laptop and deploy on linux?
   * future support and development
   * portability67776

The backend will run on linux as a daemon. The following
features will be needed, (numbers are for later referencing):

   1 dbaccess (mysql or postgresql), plain vanilla DML
   2 remote administration
   3 serve data via socket to apache webserver (multiconnect)
   4 xml support (dtd-validation, dom, xpath and xslt)
   5 rely heavily on regular expressions
   6 multithreading, plain vanilla
   7 runtime evaluation of code
   8 object persistence (save and restore state)

   1.  should work fine, right?
   2a. remoting server on mono, graphical client on Windows?
   2b. remoting server on mono, console based client on windows or linux?
   3.  no problem, right?
   5.  looks like there are serious problems with grouping and matching...
   7a. create code string, write to file, invoke mcs externally, load
resulting assembly?
   7b. create code string, invoke Mono.CSharp.Compiler, load resulting
   8.  Runtime serialization works? binary and soap?

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