[Mono-list] newbies FAQ

vatsal vatsal " <vats_007@rediffmail.com
13 Dec 2002 04:57:34 -0000

   i m new to mono n want to contribute as a developer,
i have been using linux for long,developed gUI apps using gtk 

i have gone thru FAQ ,ways to contribute etc on mono's website, i 
need few pointers and guidance abt how to start as a mono 

i mean

#)point me to somethin easier to start with(some small module or 
some kind of bugfixing)
#)which lang i should go ahead with(shall i need to learn C#)
#)what are the areas and docs to look into for understanding mono 
and its implementation better,links?
#) to contribute well, what areas(language,concepts) i should be 
good at?
#) anyother tips and guidance which can help me in movin ahead

BTW u guys are indeed doin a good job,keep it up