[Mono-list] Newbie needs guidance

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
13 Dec 2002 03:10:37 -0500


> actually i needed more precise n pinpointed info,
> i know you have a bugzilla,have gone thru it but since i m new to it,couldnt make much sense out it,
> thats why i asked u can u pinpoint me to a small bug or a small module which help me to begin with mono n understand it better.
> also advise a sample API to write regerssion test for?

A good option is for you to come to the irc channel on irc.gnome.org,
channel #mono, as usually there are friendly people who can point you to
a task in particular.

About tests that are missing, there are plenty.  Just look at the code
for the assemblies and the tests we have: 

mono$ cd mcs/class
mono$ ls corlib/Test/*/*.cs | wc -l
mono$ ls corlib/*/*.cs | wc -l

So for corlib, we have tests for 126 classes out of 792.  There is
plenty to pick from ;-)

> BTW, i was reading that post abt MS patenting .NET and preventing other free Implementations like MONO to come out,what do u think abt that and how will MONO continue if MS enforces that?

Ah, that is some obsessed Slashdot person that is obsessed with
patents.  My standard answer is on the Mono FAQ, and more detailed
answers are on various interviews (am going to sleep now, 3am here)