[Mono-list] Newbie needs guidance

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
13 Dec 2002 01:05:01 -0500


> #)point me to somethin easier to start with(some small module or some kind of bugfixing)

We log our bugs in bugzilla, here are all the bugs that we have
currently logged.  There are various degrees of completion and require a
mix of C and C# knowledge:


> #)which lang i should go ahead with(shall i need to learn C#)

C works for runtime issues;  C# is needed for fixing the class libraries
or the compiler, but its a very simple language, and should be very easy
for you to learn. 

> #)what are the areas and docs to look into for understanding mono and its implementation better,links?

We have a few papers and book references on the web site, but you will
find as well that each module (mono, mcs) contains some documentation. 
I suggest using a file manager to browse the source code, as
documentation is available there.   

I will be glad to expand a particular document that you find unclear or

> #) to contribute well, what areas(language,concepts) i should be good at?

Mono can be used to learn.  The easiest way to start helping in Mono is
writing regression tests for our class library, because that will help
you get familiarized with C# and with the .NET API.   

> #) anyother tips and guidance which can help me in movin ahead

Tests ;-)