[Mono-list] Mono 0.17 for Windows

Nick Drochak ndrochak@gol.com
Thu, 12 Dec 2002 13:11:06 +0900

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| Guenther,
| First a big thanks for such a quick release for Windows. I really
| appreciate
| them!
| I just wondered if you needed to distribute the corlib_cmp.dll assembly. I
| think it's only used for the unit tests and the mono runtime
| don't needs it.
| If so removing corlib_cmp.dll will shrink your distribution by about 340kb
| (976kb zipped).

I'm pretty sure the only thing corlib_cmp.dll is used for corcompare to
generate the class status page for corlib.  It almost certainly can be left
out of a distribution.

Nick D.