[Mono-list] What does this do for me??

Ganesh Swami ganesh@rapidtech.bc.ca
Tue, 10 Dec 2002 13:51:45 -0800


David Thompson wanted us to know:

> Hey List members!!
> OK...just one question....I know, I know....I'm a newbie idiot who obviously
> needs to take a running leap off of Microsoft's tallest tower....BUT


> PLEASE....
> If someone could provide a laymen's terms explanation of what Mono does for
> me? (sorry...for the bluntness)
> e.g.  This will allow you to write programs that will work on both Windows
> and Linux


> or
> e.g.  This will allow you to run programs written in C# (originally only for
> Windows) on Linux


I suggest you read the documentation on the mono website. You could
start with the FAQ. 



> David Thompson

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