[Mono-list] XSP error

Sean Leach sleach@netlojix.com
Tue, 10 Dec 2002 10:47:56 -0800

Okay, I figured it out.  It was looking for /usr/etc/mono/machine.config
(which I didn't have), which lists the modules

(from HttpApplication.cs)

modules = (ModulesConfiguration) HttpContext.GetAppConfig
if (null == modules)
                throw new HttpException (

So, modules was null, but then HttpRuntime.FormatResourceString failed as it
got to this in HttpRuntime.cs

[MonoTODO ("GetResourceStringFromResourceManager (string)")]
        private string GetResourceStringFromResourceManager (string key) {
            return "String returned by

So, with an existing machine.config, it worked fine as there is a


So maybe docs just need to be updated to make sure that there is a
machine.config file...


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> I just installed the latest RPM's for mono 0.17 on Redhat 7.3, downloaded
> the source for xsp-0.2, and did make && make install && cd server/test &&
> mono server.exe
> Went to http://localhost:8080/
> got:

Mhm, the code could use some better error reporting.  But basically, you
have to provide an .aspx file, like Dan pointed out: