[Mono-list] Nant & buildfile required errors? (+patch)

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
09 Dec 2002 23:55:09 -0500


> 1) is anyone currently using Nant to build the class libraries?

Nant is used to build on Windows.

> 2) is it ok for me to work on the Nant .build files (to update them for 
> clean and mcs-build targets)? or are they being 'depreciated'?

Yes, we could use a helping hand with that (and thanks for the previous
feedback that you posted, am sorry if I have not been able to reply to
your emails, but today we were cooking the 0.17 release).

> 3) can mcs currently compile all the class libraries? (since I was 
> hitting some compiler errors)

Yes, it can, but not on Windows.  The problem is that System.Reflection
in Windows has some shortfalls and bugs that the Mono version works
around, so it is in particular not possible to compile the corlib with
mcs on Windows, you have to use CSC on Windows.