[Mono-list] Long shot!

Art Wallace art@crankedup.com
Tue, 10 Dec 2002 03:07:06 +0100

Craig Williams <craig@ip80.com> wrote:
> C# is the obvious choice but any idea how long until a nice stable CLR is
> available with the Windows.Forms namespace ? If we're talking years then I'd
> rather do the client side in C using wxwindows API.

I'm not an expert on Mono but I did see Miguel's presentation in Zürich a
month or so ago. From that presentation and what I have read online, I would
feel confident planning to have WinForms basically useable in 2 years.

However, your question seems (to me anyway) to be mixing three dissimilar
items together. There is
1) the .NET Framework
2) C#
3) WinForms

You could leverage 1 & 2 on both platforms and then decide how to best
tackle the C/S GUI. WinForms is probably your best choice but you also have
GTK#, which is available today. Miguel's MONO presentation in Zürich
featured a seemingly complete GUI .NET application for image browsing
written using some form of GTK.

The presentation is available online but I can't remember where. Someone
else on this list could reference it. Search in the archives for Zürich.

Hopefully you'll get more knowledgeable feedback.

Art Wallace
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