[Mono-list] Subversion repository

Mattias Asplund mattias@asplundsoftware.com
Mon, 9 Dec 2002 11:03:25 +0100

Hi there,

I have monitored the development of Mono for a while and 
getting ready to help. I will deliver a 5 week course 
on .NET development on Linux at the Royal Institute of 
Technology in Sweden, starting in september 2003.

I suggest getting the Mono sources into a Subversion 
repository to make contributing to the project easier and 
more effective.

Also, what would you think of creating a web site that cross-
reference Mono's sources, like the Linux Cross Reference 

Even better would be to create a web site that integrates 
and cross references the sources from the best Open 
Source .NET projects available, like SharpDevelop, NUnit, 
NAnt, NDoc and, of course, Mono. This is what the Apache 
Group has done in the Alexandria project, where lots of 
different Java projects are integrated and cross-referenced 
from a single web site.

By making all these Open Source projects easily viewable and 
accessible I think developers, like myself, would be able to 
come up with abstractions that could lead to less source 
code, more reuse and higher efficiency between and across 
different software projects.

What do you think?
/ Mattias Asplund

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