[Mono-list] Mono Error

Alex James alex00james@adelphia.net
Sun, 8 Dec 2002 12:40:10 -0500

I get this whenever I try to run any program (ie: mono hello_world.exe).  Is
this an error?  I just updated mono, and now this is happening.  Also, I get
a popup saying "**ERROR**: file class.c line 687 (mono_class_setup_vtable):
should not be reached aborting..." (I'm running cygwin on win2000).


no implementation for interface method
ator() in class .SynchedHashtable
METHOD .ctor(Hashtable)
METHOD System.Collections.IEnumerable.GetEnumerator()
METHOD CopyTo(Array,int)
METHOD Add(object,object)
METHOD Clear()
METHOD Contains(object)
METHOD GetEnumerator()
METHOD Remove(object)
METHOD ContainsKey(object)
METHOD ContainsValue(object)
METHOD Clone()
METHOD get_Count()
METHOD get_IsSynchronized()
METHOD get_SyncRoot()
METHOD get_IsFixedSize()
METHOD get_IsReadOnly()
METHOD get_Keys()
METHOD get_Values()
METHOD get_Item(object)
METHOD set_Item(object,object)

abnormal program termination