[Mono-list] Building Mono libraries with SS CLI

Miguel de Icaza miguel@ximian.com
05 Dec 2002 16:08:06 -0500


> Is it possible to use System.Data.dll and all ADO.NET classes by copying
> the necessary dlls to SS CLI on MacOSX?

Yes, it should work.

> I haven't tried it, but I am hoping it will work, because Mono ADO.NET
> and SQL Server provider is written completely in C# (correct me if I am
> wrong), so theoretically it should work with SS CLI on MacOSX? Will
> there be any issues?

If you run into any issues, please track down the problem, report a bug,
and ideally, submit a bug fix ;-)

> Secondly, what if I copy Microsoft's System.Windows.Forms.dll to Redhat
> 8.0 on x86 platform and try to use it with Mono. Will the Microsoft SWF
> use Winelib and be able to run Windows Forms on Linux? 

The Windows.Forms support is still under heavy development, so it does
not work yet.