[Mono-list] GCC .NET

Cyber Wiz cyber_wiz31@hotmail.com
Fri, 30 Aug 2002 17:14:08 +0000

Hey Guyz,
Ever since i posted the message about GCC .NET there's been quite some 
disscusion about it. So here's something to clear it up.

About tendra, in my last post about that i didn't mean not to go ahead with 
it infact i think it would be a good idea to (when it gets C++ STL support) 
modify it to accept Managed C++ and allow embeding machine code in CIL 
output etc. that would give mono an excellent managed c++ compiler (although 
we sould make sure it supports unmanaged code etc. in short we should make 
it like the M$ MC++ compiler good for managed or umanaged c++. also i read 
somwherer that there was a ANDF producer for gcc but RMS had a problem with 
it and asked the creator to take it of his web site i don't know if he did 
but the problem is that i can't find the page again. but if there is one 
then we could use that and create a CIL producer that takes in ANDF and 
spits out CIL and that would solve both tendra and gcc being ported to .net


Zaphod said that my idea's a good one ecxept that gcj doesn't compile c++ 
(etc.) and jilc doesn't work. he also included the gcc faq from the portable 
.net project about why they did not use gcc.

here's my answer
Zaphod i've read that faq more than once before. And i said in my 1st post 
that we should modify the front ends c++ etc. to create gcj compatible tree 
output etc.
however reading that faq gave me another idea egcs-jvm compiles other 
languages to JVM byte-code although the byte-code stinks bad javabyte code 
won't matter becasue the unstandard code etc. won't be unstandard in il 
bytecode. (Gaurav could i get your opinion on this).
And mono could get jilc fully operational, after all mono has a highly 
skilled team of hackers.


Cyber Wiz

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