[Mono-list] building the embed test for windows ( before Re: Mono Release 0.15 Binaries for Win32

tei tei <421621@ingta.unizar.es>
Thu, 29 Aug 2002 12:41:57 +0200


My goals:

C --> game engine (sound, render, etc..), main .exe (quake.exe)
C# --> game logic ( game rules, phisic of entitys, etc.. ), user .dll ( progsdat.dll )

runtime mono + engine + user mods (c#) + free medias =  free games

* For the C# I have not problem, users can download mono and build is .dll file without problem.
* For the engine, I have not problem, I can build from gcc friendly sources or wait something
ready to work with VC++ friendly sources. The problem is...

..I need <mono/jit/jit.h> compiled for windows. I have failed to build mono with the
latest cygwin (no glib2). I have installed the latest mingw, may help? ( I dont know how to
compile mono with mingw ).

What I need to build the embed test in windows?
How I can do this?

Miguel, Sergei, Thanks for the help.


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S> Again this is probably a more specific version of the same question, but here is some
S> info about running VC++ binaries compiled for CIL target under Mono.
S> It's possible, but requires a couple of extra things:
S>     * Micorosoft.VisualC.dll - some attributes and custom mods used by VC++
S>        (not yet in CVS, but included in my Win32 binary build);
S>     * System.Runtime.CompilerServices.CallConv* classes, custom mods (same here);

S> Until recently there was a tiny bug in custom mods reader, so Mono was entering infinite-loop
S> when loading binaries produced by VC++, this was the main showstopper and it's already fixed.
S> For some reason it's necessary to disassemble those binaries, then assemble them again,
S> Mono still refuses to load original binaries (I will look into this issue later).
S> Also, it's necessary to use appropriate compiler switches to ensure that there is no native
S> code in the resulting assemblies, and entry point is set to IL code (for EXEs).

S> All in all, it's already possible to compile C++ code with VisualC compiler and then run
S> the binary on Linux under Mono. This is very nice, IMO :-)

S> Sergey

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>> hey,
>> > And, is this supported for other compilers?
>> Maybe, as long as they generate CLI code and as long as we do not have
>> bugs.
>> > Will be posible to compile apps with embed stuff with MSVC++?
>> I have not tested any C++ code, but I would certainly appreciate some
>> samples running on Mono.
>> > How I can make OpenGL apps with C#?
>> Use one of the GL bindings (Mark's are on CVS and aim for more
>> completeness, or you can try the more mature CSGL).
>> Miguel