[Mono-list] Re: Mono Release 0.15 Binaries for Win32

tei tei <421621@ingta.unizar.es>
Wed, 28 Aug 2002 17:49:10 +0200

Hello Serge,

I am not a coder but a modder, my last goal is to embed C# calls in Quake, or tu build QuakeC# mods.
I want to test the embed stuff...

 - I need mono libs to build the embed example (I suspect). These jini stuff is not in the
 mono for windows package.
 - I can't built mono with the latest cygin, configure die with something about "No package glib-2"

What I need to built the embed example in windows?
And, is this supported for other compilers?
Will be posible to compile apps with embed stuff with MSVC++?
How I can make OpenGL apps with C#?

A package/tutorial with all i need to compile teste.c and test.cs in windows can help a lot.


>> Where can I get mono release 0.15 binaries for Win32?
>> What about gtk# 0.4 binaries for Win32?
>> The mono 4 windows web site only has release 0.13 and the guy who does them
>> will be gone for awhile.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Daniel