[Mono-list] Cooperation between Mono and DotGNU Portable.NET

Paolo Molaro lupus@ximian.com
Wed, 28 Aug 2002 09:15:18 +0200

The Mono project and DotGNU Portable.NET aim to provide portable and free
software implementations of the .NET framework and though they have
different implementation designs and different free software licensing
models they try to cooperate when possible.

Cooperation happens both in interpreting the ECMA standards to adapt
them to the characteristics of unixy systems and in code sharing.
For example, Rhys Weatherley of the DotGNU Portable.NET project recently
donated to the Mono project the code to handle the complex 
internationalization issues in the runtime and DotGNU Portable.NET 
is speeding up its interpreter with the native code generation macros 
that Mono developed for its JIT and plans to reuse more code from the 
assemblies created by the Mono project.

DotGNU Portable.NET and the Mono project believe that both the
cooperation and the competition between the two projects can help 
enhance the products for their increasingly numerous users.

Paolo Molaro and Rhys Weatherley

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