[Mono-list] One Bug, Many questions

tom berger t.berger@ucl.ac.uk
28 Aug 2002 01:41:47 +0100

On Tue, 2002-08-27 at 13:10, Paolo Molaro wrote:
> Sample code that would reproduce the problem is appreciated.

OK, i put the current sources at http://magaf.org/luna/

It is a little messy but i put some instructions, which, if followed
allow you to compile the compiler on windows and linux, and get a
top-level and compile scheme programs and anonymous functions on

The code producing the jit bug is in src/types/compiled.cs in the
function ILGenerate.

The problem occurs before making an instance of the type in the dynamic
assembly, but rather still while emitting, so this is not the problem
like we thought.

I'll try to arrange a nicer distribution and maybe a CVS in the near
future. Until then I'll update the tarball at magaf.org when there's a
new development.