[Mono-list] mono port to OS X

Paolo Molaro lupus@ximian.com
Tue, 27 Aug 2002 12:00:18 +0200

[Note: subject changed]

On 08/26/02 jddst19@mac.com wrote:
> Cool, then perhaps someone can help me look in the right direction. I 
> have the system compiling and finding its libraries and such. Of course, 

Excellent! Did you have to patch or tweak the sources? There are
several people that want mono running on OS X, so, if you can share with
us the changes needed to compile it we'll commit them to cvs so that
other people as well can start testing.

> As I was tracing, I noticed that this was due to it passing a silly 
> value instead of frame_thread_id.  My guess after inspecting the code: 
> register was clobbered somewhere.
> It seems as though the calling convention used on Mac OS X is different 
> from the Linux one. An immediate difference that I noticed was that the 
> Linux one (according to the arch/ppc/tramp.c file) is not leaving space 
> available in the stack when it fills a register with a parameter. I knew 
> that wasn't the problem, but I fixed it anyway. Anyone else know of 
> register-clobbering differences between the two operating systems?

I don't know about the ppc details, but maybe perusing
gives some ideas. Radek is our ppc porting hacker, I'm sure he'll be
able to give more info on the specific problem.


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