[Mono-list] Might Have Found A Way To Get GCC .NET !

Cyber Wiz cyber_wiz31@hotmail.com
Mon, 26 Aug 2002 20:13:16 +0000

Hey Guyz,

about the TenDRA thing. It could be modified to accept managed c++ and 
inline assembly and to produce CIL. However that would defeat the purpose of 
porting GCC to .NET and also GCC has many many languages fortran pascal 
cobol c++ java etc. but TenDRA only uses C++ and the C++ standard library is 
still not availible under the TenDRA system which is why i say we should 
stick with GCJ and JILC.

Guarav had a good idea to use the GCJ sources to build a GCIL but when i 
looked into i saw that the GCJ sources are heavily confusing to browse and 
not documented at all save for some source file comments
so it would be enough of a job to make it allow embeding machine code (to do 
things like mc++ as an option)and we should stick with the GCJ and Jilc 
things this is just an idea though and any ideas, suggestions, assistance, 
etc., would be welcome and i would be thrilled if i was wrong about lack of 
docs on GCJ but i don't think i am cause the GNU message boards even 
admitted to lack of docs on gjc internals.


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