[Mono-list] PowerPC JIT

Carlos Valiente yo@virutass.net
26 Aug 2002 16:02:35 +0100

On Mon, 2002-08-26 at 14:23, Paolo Molaro wrote:
> regset.c and linear-scan.c (and their header files) should definitely
> not be arch-specific. If currently there's some arch-specific code in
> them, it should be removed (maybe changing them so that arch-specific
> code can add hooks if needed, but that's all).

The problem with regset.[ch] is that MonoRegSet uses integer bitmasks
for keeping track of register usage - that is, there's only room for 32
registers. In a first stage, as I will be working only with integers,
it's enough, but later on I think I'll need something else to keep track
of the 32 FPRs. Let's see.

Regarding linear-scan, it has some x86 registers hard-coded in it, and
it uses MonoRegset - nothing too difficult to patch, certainly.

> I suggest leaving exception handling support as the last thing to look
> at in the port.
> You should try the following, IMHO:
> [...]

Thanks a lot for these indications, Paolo - I'll definitely follow them!