[Mono-list] PowerPC JIT

Carlos Valiente yo@virutass.net
26 Aug 2002 12:48:17 +0100


I've started to hack on the PowerPC port of the JIT. So far I've ported
the trampoline code and moved the arch-specific bits of mono/jit/* to

I've prepared a tarball at:

containing the changes relative to this morning's CVS tree. It contains
the following files:



* Moved files in mono/jit containing obvious x86-specific stuff to
mono/arch/x86. Many things might be still x86-specific, though.

* Modified mono/jit/Makefile.am to add -Imono/arch/{whatever} to
CPPFLAGS. 'monoburg' now generates 'codegen.h' instead of
'codegen-{arch}.h', so that files under mono/jit can do a simple
'#include <codegen.h>'.

* Created PPC equivalents of those x86-specific files under
mono/arch/ppc. For now the only functional one is 'trampoline.c', which
implements PowerPC JIT trampolines.

* Included mono/arch/ppc/test-trampoline.c, a small test program which
checks whether trampoline code works or no (it does, right now :-))

I plan to carry on porting stuff from mono/arch/x86/emit-x86.c and
creating a .brg file for PowerPC. Then I would hack on exception
handling support and finally linear scan reg allocation. Any suggestions
on this road plan?