[Mono-list] strange mono initialization problem

John Sohn jsohn@columbus.rr.com
24 Aug 2002 12:52:02 -0400

> Makefile.am should read:
> diff -u -r1.35 Makefile.am
> --- Makefile.am	12 Aug 2002 10:05:51 -0000	1.35
> +++ Makefile.am	24 Aug 2002 10:36:44 -0000
> @@ -3,6 +3,8 @@
> +libmono_la_LDFLAGS=-Wl,-version-script=ldscript
> +
>  if X86
>  bin_PROGRAMS = mono
>  lib_LTLIBRARIES = libmono.la
> i.e. with -Wl,... otherwise the option is not passed down to the linker.
> You can then check with:
> 	nm -D .libs/libmono.so|grep ' T '
> that only symbols starting with "mono_" are exported.
> Can you retest with that change?

This worked! With the changes you gave me I was able to successfully
link to libmono.so and run the test application under WineLib. The
output from nm confirmed that symbols starting with "mono_" are  the
only symbols exported.

> Yeah, I know that. It's fine for testing if implementing S.W.Forms
> works out using wine (BTW, thanks for doing that!). It's just that it's
> not a possible long-term solution, IMHO, having two different mono
> loaders, one linked to libwine that can use S.W.F and one that can't.
> Anyway, maybe we can discuss this later with the wine people if your
> experiments turn out to work.

I fully agree with you. I would rather see the WineLib/SWF applications
started with the mono command also. The issue with garbage collection
enabled in the build also creates a problem but at this point I believe
there is enough get started on the WinForms implementation. Also, these
issues are not really a problem with the any of the code in the Mono
project. They are really problems caused by using external libraries
with Mono.