[Mono-list] strange mono initialization problem

Dietmar Maurer dietmar@ximian.com
23 Aug 2002 08:36:23 +0200

On Fri, 2002-08-23 at 07:52, John Sohn wrote:
> Actually these are the functions in WineLib I am aware of that conflict
> with the Mono JIT library (it is possible more overlapped functions
> exist):
> TlsAlloc
> TlsFree
> TlsGetValue
> TlsSetValue
> These functions in WineLib are getting called from the Mono JIT code
> instead of the correct functions in libmono (mono/io-layer/threads.c).

This is intentional! Our io-layer abstraction simulates the MS function,
so you don't compile the whole io-layer if you are on a MS compatible
platform. Take a look at the io-layer/Makefile.am:

libwapi_la_SOURCES = $(WINDOWS_SRC)
libwapiinclude_HEADERS = $(WINDOWS_H)
libwapi_la_SOURCES = $(OTHER_SRC)
libwapiinclude_HEADERS = $(OTHER_H)

I assume you have do to something similar if you link with wine.

- Dietmar