[Mono-list] Yet Another RPM Packaging

Daniel Resare noa@metamatrix.se
20 Aug 2002 10:57:13 +0200

tis 2002-08-20 klockan 10.23 skrev Daniel Resare:
> I have also created libgc6 packages based on what I found at
> http://java.thn.htu.se/~toor/ but with the following changes: 

Oops, those changes got lost. Anyway here they come:

* Mon Aug 19 2002 Daniel Resare <noa@resare.com> 6.1-1

- updated to version 6.1
- changed package name to more generic libgc
- Added ldconfig invocation
- Merged devel package
- Removed private headerfiles from devel
- Removed broken manpages
- Removed nonstandard _build and _tmppath definitions (redhat specific
  _build breaks compilation in other dists and if anyone needs to move
  _tmpppath, it is better to do that system-wide in .rpmrc)
- Added URL header
- Changed group to standard one
- Removed i386 exclusivity (At least it seems to work on my ppc box)