[Mono-list] Unknown heap type?

J. Perkins jason@379.com
Mon, 19 Aug 2002 14:35:44 -0400

Paolo Molaro wrote:
> I think #- may be one of the streams the ms compilers insert
> in the binary in some cases (maybe it's the uncompressed metadata 
> tables stream?).
> The format of such a table is not in the standard, so we'll likely have
> to just skip it.
> An url for the binary would help, though it would be better if you
> posted the command line switches to create a binary with such a stream.
> Is it the /incremental switch?

I do have incremental builds turned on in VS7, yes. I think I am
using all of the default VS7 build settings, I don't recall changing
anything other than the output path.

I've posted a zip with a binary and the sources here:
	http://www.379.com/download/configure.zip (28K)
I also included to VS7 project files in case that will help.

In case anyone is interested: I use this tool to generate the
build scripts for my project from toolset-neutral XML files,
rather than trying to maintain them by hand. It supports C++
and C# packages, and can create makefiles for gmake/gcc/mcs,
or project files for Visual Studio 6 & 7. It's a bit limited
but very handy if you do cross-platform development. Feel free
to grab a copy.